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About Me

Photography has always been a love of mine since I was very young. My grandfather was a professional photographer in Quincy Illinois and had his own studio for many years. His photo’s really sparked my interest and inspired me. When I was young I would dream of having a studio just like grandpa and being able to produce the same type of stunning images that he would. While growing up my father and brother kept that photographic interest alive in our family. My very first camera was an old fashioned one from a church garage sale that I treasured quite a bit, however not being able to do much with it! My father bought me my first 35mm, which I took to every school event, party and family gathering to take pictures. I really enjoyed being the one who would always be snapping away preserving moments in time. My interest in photography continued to grow when I worked as an office manager of a photography studio in St. Louis a few years back. That is where I was able to get more of a feel for the behind the scenes in the daily life of a professional photographer, from setting up shoots, learning more about the equipment and the post-processing. My husband bought me a decent digital camera when our daughter was born in 2005. I found that I was really enjoying what digital photography had to offer and I’ve been striving to improve with every shot taken. Today, I have five beautiful children that have been great subjects for me to shoot on an almost daily basis. Since buying my first Digital SLR, I have really been putting my skills to work and I am still learning something new about photography every time I look through the lens and do my best to be able to create beautiful pictures.