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A Day In The Life

What is a, “A Day In The Life” photography session you ask? It is a fresh, candid, unscripted approach to family/documentary photography. It is real life storytelling without posing, a story of your everyday life. That could encompass a day with your family, a day with someone facing a daily challenge/illness, maybe it is a day in the life of a family with a hometown hero, etc.  It is a visual document of your family life, that includes the ups, the downs and also the in-between moments. The photos will focus on the love and connection of family members.

Why do a session life this? Everyday life can become so routine that we don’t see, much less get the actual time to see, the beauty in it. When you can slow down and take the time to examine and reflect, you can begin to sense meaning and emotion. These photos will preserve memories for a lifetime of generations to come. These are the memories that we carry around in our heads forever, but we rarely have them in photographs.

What I do? I show up at your location the day of your session with my camera in hand ready to start taking photographs. I will take still photos as well as video clips. I will sit back like a fly on a wall and watch your day unfold as I capture all the unique candid moments. It can be a few hours, or it can be a full day starting with waking up and ending at bedtime.



All images are copyrighted by Sundberg Photography. It is illegal and unethical to scan, copy, or reproduce my work in any way. I thank you for respecting that.



If you are unable to make your scheduled session time, due to your child being ill or other unexpected reason, please call at least 24 hours in advance to reschedule. In the event of inclement weather, I may contact you to reschedule.


YOU. Your Family. Your Personalities. Your Interactions. Its worth documenting!